Welcome to Paige Henderson Studio!

Gorgeous. Yes, you!

We See your beauty. and show it to you through the photographs we capture.

Welcome to

Paige Henderson Studio!

We are a photography studio that believes in the power of transformation and love to show you your own beauty through the photos that we take. We know getting your photograph taken can feel a bit like going to the dentist. That's why we start with a consultation, so that we get to know you and your story and can begin to create the perfect photo shoot.

We also believe that when you change how you see yourself, when you remove self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, that you can live your best life.

Our magazine-style photo shoots pamper you with a full hair and make up application so that you are your most confident for the shoot. Oh, and we will also help you plan your wardrobe!

In addition to our studio portrait sessions, we offer business head shots, personal branding and photography.

“I seek what lies beneath surface beauty. What interests me are intimate human complexities – the darkness as well as the light. I cannot will this kind of transcendent communication into existence. I have to be open and truly present, and if I am lucky, grace descends. My best photographs are an honest collaboration, and when the viewer also connects, I feel the circle is complete.”

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How We Help You Look Your Best

Our Tried and True Process


a complimentary consultation to learn more. I want to know all of your ideas, dreams, plans, etc. Are you looking to create a portfolio of images to brand your business? Need artwork for your home? The most beautiful artwork starts with your own family! What about a transformative glamour style magazine photo shoot that celebrates you and shows you how beautiful you are? It all starts with a quick consultation to get to know each other :)

The Plan

includes all of the details! The set design, wardrobe, the look and feel of your final images. Do you want an outdoor natural light session? Or a studio session? Since we have pre-planned the shoot, we can focus on you! The shoot is designed to celebrate the phase of life you are in at this time of your life and we can focus on fun! About two weeks after the shoot, we will schedule a photo reveal and I will show you all of your images. You purchase only the images that you love.


the artwork that we have created! Our print products are sourced from the best printers and artisans on the planet! Folio boxes and albums are hand-made with attention to every detail. Images are printed on archival Canon DreamLab photo paper and will out live all of us. The photos we make today are our history. They will one day be all that is left of this time in our life.

**All artwork is hand-delivered to you after it is received and inspected.

“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.”


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