Hi! I'm Paige!

A lover of all things historic and vintage, a world traveler, runner, proud wife and mother to four beautiful humans, a branding and portrait photographer. I am a tad obsessed with showing the world it’s beauty through my camera. It’s magical to see emotions captured. I live near New Orleans, Louisiana and you can find me with my husband Steve walking our dog Charlie at the beautiful lakefront most weekends.

How did I get here?

I graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University and went immediately into a sales role with a local distributor of high end salon products for women. I learned there that life and business is not about money or status, or any of that. It’s about the relationships you have with people, and how you can impact their life through these relationships. I loved my career in sales, but was longing for something more. I had a burning creativity and didn’t know how to use it because I wasn’t a great painter, or illustrator, and I certainly was not blessed with a singing voice! (though I so wish I had!) I started taking photos of my children and the obsession was born.

It’s not about the photos! It’s the people, the authentic connection to showing you your “self” through imagery.

It’s time to stop playing small. To find your genius, your gorgeousness, your authentic self. My mission is to create beautiful imagery that showcases your, your brand, your story, your life. YOU.