Hi, I am Paige!

Growing up, my Dad had a camera around his neck pretty much at all times. He documented everything. I guess it was in my blood, and I began photographing people around high school about 1985 (ouch, that seems so long ago!) and was soon obsessed with the capturing moments and action around school for our yearbook. I always dreamed I would find a career in publishing in New York city for Glamour Magazine or Cosmo. I never quite made it there but never lost the love of fashion and editorial imagery. Fast forward to today, and I create magazine style portraits for every day people.

I truly believe in the transformation that happens when people realize that true beauty radiates from within.

My passion is showing my clients their beauty through the beautiful images we create.

paige henderson portrait photographer

Charlie, my pretend pit bull. She's only 30 lbs but fully believes she is a super doggie.

This is Steve. My husband and love of my life. Since the 80's!!

My four children. My little cuties who are not so little anymore!


What would you be if you weren't a photographer?

I would probably a surgeon. Ha. Just kidding. I wasn't a fantastic student :(
But I did love graphic design and wanted to work in the publishing industry in New York city when I was in high school. I actually did interview for a job with Glamour magazine way back in the day. They didn't give me the job because they said I seemed too hyper to sit in a desk all day. They were probably right!

What's your favorite genre to photograph?

I adore action photography and would love to photograph on the sidelines of an NFL football one day. It's my secret dream.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I am a Canon girl for the most part. I do have some Sony equipment that is cool because I can pair the new digital cameras with old and vintage lenses. My Canon body is the 5DMarkIV and it is a beast. My favorite lens is the 70-200 2.8. I could share my favorite studio lighting but that's a bit boring and I will spare you :)

A Few Kind Words...



“Paige was amazing to work with! She made me feel comfortable and I connected very well with her, which made my photos come out even better! She’s artistic, enthusiastic, and has a great imagination for photography.”